Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss out on the Perseids meteor shower! The Perseids meteor shower is set to peak tonight as 100 shooting stars an hour are expected to streak across the night sky, and continue for several days. The Perseids meteor shower is the result of space debris from the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet strikeing the Earth’s … More Don’t Miss Out!

The Top Five Places to Kayak and Canoe in Ohio

1. Little Miami River (Cincinnati) The little Miami River is the premiere kayaking and canoeing destination in Southwestern Ohio. Located near Cincinnati and running 111 miles through five of Ohio’s southwestern counties, there’s plenty of water trail to traverse. A great place to launch from is near Fort Ancient (Lebanon Morrow/S.R. 123 Exit 32 off of … More The Top Five Places to Kayak and Canoe in Ohio

Haunted Attractions Around Ohio

With October almost reaching its midpoint, attention turns to All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween. Halloween actually has a pretty interesting and debated history – scholars argue 17th century Celtic/Pagan roots and 15th century Christianity. However, Halloween is now a day where we get to masquerade around in guises, carve pumpkins and possible attend some haunted … More Haunted Attractions Around Ohio