Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring has officially sprung! And as April showers bring May flowers, it’s time to reassess your home and prepare for the warmer months to come. Make sure your home is up-to-date with a few simple but important maintenance tips..

A/C System 
Your cooling system is perhaps one of the most important in your home when the warmer weather hits.

1. First, give your cooling system a test run to make sure it works. Don’t wait until the warm weather arrives to discover your A/C is out of commission!

2. Remember to change out your filter each month. Replacing air filters is crucial to keeping your air clean and ensures your A/C functions efficiently, saving energy and money.

3. Examine the hose connections for leaks. It’s best to check this early on in the case that there is a leak, so you can have a professional come fix the problem before hot weather hits.

Roof and Gutters 
Spring showers may bring flowers, but they can also bring the risk of flooded homes as well.

1. Cleaning your gutters after winter is crucial. Clogs caused by built up sediment can prevent proper drainage, forcing heavy rains back on your home and leaving you at risk for flooding.

2. As you clean gutters, be sure to check for leaks in the roof. Replace or repair any broken or missing shingles; storms and floods will find their way through these cracks and cause major water damage to your home, especially the basement.

3. Chances are that during a cold winter, your fireplace was put to good use. As part of roof maintenance, get a chimney sweep or inspection. The buildup of residue called creosote, which is highly flammable, can cause a house fire when you least expect it.

Exterior Walls and Windows 
Don’t let valuable air conditioning slip through the cracks.

1. Spring is the perfect time to reapply any exterior caulking around windows and weather-stripping to doors, as these openings tend to be the biggest air conditioning guzzlers.

2. As winter weather melts away, you may notice a build-up of dirt, mold, and other stains to the exterior of your house; be sure to power wash this sediment away to avoid corrosion and other permanent damage.