Protect & Seal Your Driveway

It’s bad enough that cracks in the driveway are unsightly – they also allow water to get beneath the surface. Protect it at its surface with a quality sealant before winter arrives.

You may decide to hire out for the job, but doing it yourself is easy and will save you a bundle of cash.


  • Begin the job by cleaning out the larger cracks in the asphalt surface. Pull all weeds from their roots.
  • Carefully fill any large cracks with appropriate filler.
  • Remove any dust or pebbles with a push broom – they will create imperfections in the surface if left there.
  • Tape the edge of the driveway, to make application process easier.
  • Consult a home building center to help decide the proper amount of asphalt sealer needed (for your size of driveway).
  • Check the weather forecast. Make sure there’s no chance of rain within 24 hours of asphalts sealer application.

The job:

  • Stir buckets of sealer, or leave upside down overnight.
  • Spread the sealer from side to side. Apply a thick coat, or two thin coats over two days.
  • Use a brush or squeegee to spread it evenly, if needed.
  • If it’s very hot outdoors, and the sealant begins to dry, mist it gently with a hose.
  • Remove tape and check for places you may need to re-coat.
  • Let driveway cure for at LEAST 24 hours. Do not walk on it before this time.
  • Wait one week before parking or driving on it.

Quality Living From the Team that Cares


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