Yes, it creates a great art spot for kids, whether in a playroom or on a bedroom wall (more on that later). But chalkboard paint can be used in so many more ways to bring a creative inspiration into the home.

“Oh chalkboard paint, how do we love thee?” asks BRIT+CO. They “count the ways” with “40 creative chalkboard paint projects you can DIY in a cinch,” including a DIY headboard and a chalkboard table runner. Our fave: an old fridge transformedinto a great conversation piece with the added bonus of potential artistic masterpieces.

This would be equally effective on an old dining table. With a coat (or two) of chalkboard paint, you have a unique art table that you can encourage kids to mark up instead of one you’re worried about.

Forget the backsplash. Chalkboard paint creates a unique, dramatic matte backdrop – plus you can use it to showcase recipes!

If you don’t want it to show in your kitchen but still want to make use of its unique properties, chalkboard paint on the inside of your cabinets is a great trick for keeping organized—and helping with measurements.

Chalkboard paint’s not just for walls (or cabinets). Check out this inspired dresser.

Hosting a holiday party or simply having a few friends over for dinner? Special events are the ideal place to use chalkboard paint.

Use it to wrap gifts distinctively, create a menu, or use it to create personalized drink glasses.

When it comes to creating an art space for kids, there is a world of possibility using chalkboard paint. For little kids, frame out a space in a hallway or in the kitchen nook to encourage artistry. When they’re a bit older, create a colorful learning opportunity with a chalkboard border.

An entire wall of a playroom provides an ample canvas. Or, cover every inch of the room to create a whimsical, creative space.

Get more tips and pics on Houzz.

Not keen on store-bought chalkboard paint? Make your own in any color you want. All you need is sanded grout and latex paint.

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