Auditor Mingo has helped homeowner and taxpayers save $32 million in reduced taxes and $7 million in office savings

The Columbus REALTORS® Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo for re-election this November.

In just five years in the office, Auditor Mingo has helped county residents save $32 million in tax dollars and has returned more than $7 million in reduced office expenses to local schools and governments.

“Auditor Mingo has made the process to adjust property taxes easier than ever before. In short, he has improved the office’s operations even as he has reduced spending in the office,” said Milt Lustnauer, Columbus REALTORS® 2014 President.

“Auditor Mingo is a great friend to real estate and has the knowledge, ability and team to continue the great progress he’s made in office,” he said. “Not only is he updating the office’s technology, his significant improvements to the appeals and mediation processes have been a tremendous help and were one of the central issues in our decision to continue to support him.”

“For Franklin County homeowners and taxpayers, Clarence Mingo is the clear choice for Franklin County Auditor this fall,” added Lustnauer.

“I am very honored by the REALTORS® endorsement and look forward to serving the people of Franklin County with the professionalism and leadership they deserve,” Mingo said.  “A condominium, home, or commercial property is one of the biggest investments an individual, family or business can make. “

“Our office works every day to make sure everyone in the real estate process, whether they are the buyer, seller or agent, is fairly treated under the law with minimum delay, maximum accuracy and excellent customer service.”

“Throughout our vetting process it was clear that Auditor Mingo has the judgment and temperament to best serve the interests of the real estate industry and the residents of Franklin County,” added Lustnauer.


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