Boosting Curb Appeal

Awhile back I had mentioned something about boosting your curb appeal. One of things I said was replace or paint your front door. Here are a few tips to make your home more inviting.

Front DoorMake a statement.

A home’s front door is one of the first things people notice. Is it drab, drafty or just plain past its prime? Make a bold statement! Consider options with decorative glass accents and stunning sidelights to add more natural light while maintaining a sense of style and privacy.

Accessorize with new hardware.

Replace the front door hardware for a quick, easy facelift. Choose hardware finishes consistent with those included in the light fixtures, mailbox and house numbers to maintain a polished, cohesive look. You’ll be surprised what a difference new front door hardware can make in creating a positive look and feel.  Front Door

Refresh with new paint.

Now’s also time to add a new storm door to help keep out the elements, or to add a refreshing coat of paint on your existing exterior doors for a fresh look.
For a dramatic change, repaint the exterior. You can also change trim color to refresh the home’s exterior impact. When updating trim, choose color schemes that match its primary exterior color, or complement it with a fresh twist.

Accent with lighting.

For night-time curb appeal and safety, add a row of exterior accent lighting to illuminate a walking path with ground-insert solar lights. Or consider solar spotlights to bring out landscaping or architectural focal points. Install new matching light fixtures outside the front door, garage door or patio door to create an inviting feel and provide well-lit doorways to greet visiting neighbors, guests, or potential home buyers.

Create points of interest with plants.

Add pops of color by arranging potted plants around the front door, or on a porch or deck. Incorporate planters or container gardens of varied sizes, shapes and colors to add visual interest. Also, planting flowerbeds along driveways and walkways gives off a softer, more inviting feel.

Front Door




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