Starting Out The Week

USA Soccer Team

Hope all of the father’s out there had a good Father’s Day! You all deserve the best. With that said, let’s talk about the FIFA World Cup. USA! USA! The United States beat Ghana 2-1 yesterday. It was a great game and had everyone on the edge of their seats. I don’t think many people had hopes for the USA to make it through these games and that is even including Coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Coach Klinsmann said to CBS Sports,  “For us now talking about winning a World Cup, it is just not realistic.” Understandable. There are tougher teams out there other than the US, but that definitely doesn’t mean I won’t be cheering for them.  This also applies to Coach Klinsmann, “Well first of all, I have to offer my congratulations to the team. We’ve gone through a very difficult game, which we always expected. We knew it would be a grind and go down to the wire against a very strong Ghana side. But I was still convinced that we would win this game even after Ghana’s equaliser. I had the feeling that another two or three opportunities would come and we just needed to take one, which we did. This was exactly the start we wanted, we had to work hard for it and it’s a great feeling to get the first three points.” So three cheers for the USA! They will play again June 22 at 6 PM against Portugal.

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