Summer Is Just Around The Corner

Summer starts June 21st. That means, laying by the pool, festivals, and of course, vacation! I know, most of you, including myself, are already doing these things. I took a mini vacation this past weekend, and let’s just say that I definitely didn’t eat as healthy as I normally do. I find it a little difficult to eat healthy while I’m out on the road and away from home.  Here are some tips that I found in an article that are very helpful on how to eat healthy while on the road. First of all, you should find a balance between packed foods and restaurants. Eating at a restaurant once a day, or even every other day, will help you stay on track of your eating habits. Tip number two is bring travel-friendly foods. Things that won’t get smashed or ruined, and food that is non-perishable. Some examples are dried fruit, sliced cucumbers, nuts, hard cheeses, like cheddar, and whole grains such as crackers and granola. Keeping that in mind, the next tip is food safety. Perishable foods should be packed on ice or eaten within two hours of preparation. Deli meats, soft cheeses, like mozzarella, and fresh cut-up fruit, are all part of the list. Remember, ice melts, so keep refreshing your ice in the cooler daily. The final tip is to make healthy choices even when you haven’t planned ahead. I know, it is easier said than done, but nowadays restaurants and gas stations offer healthier food choices. It just depends on you to pick the right choices.

Not only is summer a time for relaxation and vacation, but it is a great time to sell your home and to show off the true beauty your property has to offer. Here are a few quick fixes to get the price you are asking for without having to spend too much money. Freshen up with paint. A coat of paint in the kitchen, master bedroom, etc., can be an easy and inexpensive way to make your home more attractive. Make sure to avoid bright colors and use neutrals, such as taupe and off-white. Those colors are most attractive to prospective buyers. If you have wallpaper, remove it and paint. Spruce up your kitchen. Buy a new faucet set, if needed, add new cabinet-door handles, or paint them,  and replace dated light fixtures. Create an inviting bathroom. A new shower head, or faucet set  at the sink can make the bathroom look refreshed.  New towels and bath rugs are a nice touch, too. Make closets look more spacious. Go through your closet and donate things you haven’t worn in a while. While going through your clothes, organize it. Nobody likes to see clutter, which brings me to the next tip, clear the clutter. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. Clear kitchen counters of small appliances and add a vase of fresh flowers, or a houseplant, to show off your spacious counters.  A clutter-free, spacious-looking home will sell much more quickly. Lastly, add curb appeal. Replacing or painting your front door can make your home look more inviting. Keep your lawn mowed, walkway swept, windows clean and power wash your driveway. Add a pot of flowers by the front door or flowering plants along the walkway. All of these things are inexpensive and won’t take up much of your time. Now it’s time to get to work!

Quality Living From the Team that Cares

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