Mother’s Day

Columbus Mothers DayThis Sunday marks a very special day in the hearts of millions of people around the nation. A day to celebrate, and give back. Yes it’s the fourth round of the NFL draft…Just kidding it’s Mother’s Day! Yes the woman who clothed you, fed you and kept you alive during infancy shall be celebrated this Sunday. Some of you might ask yourselves, “Whatever is there to do on Mother’s Day beside the typical ‘let’s go out to brunch,’?” Fear not! For there are other options around Columbus that scream, “I can make my mother happy today!”


Franklin Park Conservatory
The FPC does Mother’s Day justice

While brunch is always a good option, Columbus offers some of the most uniquely fun things to do on this special Mommy’s Day. This author would be remissed if he didn’t start the article with the offerings of the Franklin Park Conservatory. Why buy your mother a bouquet when you can take her to see all the vegetation in one place. She can also be surrounded by beautiful butterflies in their Butterfly Walk. In addition to the butterfly walk, the FPC is also having an adopt a butterfly event for mothers. Is it as weird as it sounds? Probably. But it definitely will be a unique event, and I’m also sure pretty sure that grandmothers will gobble the “adopt a butterfly” event right up. If gorgeous plants and butterflies aren’t your mother’s favorite thing, The Franklin Park Conservatory is also offering a concert on Sunday: The Music Men of London will serenade moms with movie themes in barbershop quartet style.


In addition to The Franklin Park Conservatory, Powell will also hold a wine and chocolate pairings on Saturday for Mother’s Day festivities, and Westerville is hosting a “Wildflower Wander, Meet, Greet, and Eat,” – the title says it all.

Whatever your choice is for Sunday, we hope that you and Mom’s everywhere have a fantastic weekend and an even better Mother’s Day!


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