Previewing Hudson 29

Hudson 29
Hudson 29 on Lane Ave

Columbus just added a new Cameron Mitchell restaurant to it’s repertoire with the opening of Hudson 29 in the “Shops on Lane,” on Lane Ave. Having just heard of this restaurant I can only speculate based on the menu, pricing, previous experiences at CM restaurants and what I can see when I drive past it on my way home. That being said, I’m going to have just a blast “previewing” Hudson 29, an art form which I can only speculate has never been done before. Maybe there’s a reason that there are no restaurant previewers and only restaurant reviewers, but let’s see how this goes and have some fun.


Hudson 29 on the on the outside looks like it should be filled with a bunch of men drinking whiskey, and smoking cigars, or it should have a “must be 18 to enter,” sign — and in any case would still have been smoking cigars. What I mean is that it looks very dimly lit, giving it a very calming atmosphere. It doesn’t look as busy as its CM counterpart across the street, Rusty Bucket, but it also doesn’t look as formal as it’s other CM counterpart, M. It actually looks like a very woody, power restaurant — somewhere you might go for a second date to say, “I too have fine wood furniture in my home.”

Hudson 29
If that doesn’t scream “power restaurant,” then I don’t know what does

You know that area between Ohio State’s Campus and the Short North? That is how I would describe the range of prices: Yes I can and will get a $2 dollar tubby at Lucky’s and I might also have to indulge in a $17 meal at North Star. That is exactly how Hudson 29’s menu reads. They have appetizers, flat bread and sushi rolls for $9-$10, but then they also have entrees ranging from $17-$37 (albeit for a filet). Most entrees seem to be around $24.

If the prices are like walking south, down High St. then the actual menu items are like a post-grad moving from region to region because “it’s so freeing” — happy graduation by the way. Hudson 29 offers flat bread, sushi, seafood, steaks, Reubens, and even a French Dip. It all looks fantastic — at least the words on the paper make my mouth water — and with Hudson 29 being a Cameron Mitchell restaurant I can only speculate that it will be as delicious as advertised. I will let everyone know if my preview is correct with an actual review coming next week.


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