Spring Things…To Do

columbus clippersWe are currently in what I like to call the dead zone of the year. That’s not to say that the dead zone isn’t wildly enjoyable, there is just not a whole lot going on in May. Football and College basketball are long gone, and unfortunately our Columbus Blue Jackets are out of the playoffs. Colleges have almost all released or seen their recent graduates enter to valley of the real, and high schools are winding down as seniors prep for their upcoming college careers. In this dead period I often turn to peers for suggestions about the “goings on” around this glorious city. So I will try to shed a little light on what might be a fun to-do this May week:


1. The Columbus Clippers

The Columbus Clippers always offer a good time, and with temperatures turning the dial to warm this week, May would seem the perfect month to sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” check out Dime-A-Dog night, or snatch a home run, hit by one of our hometown boys. Regardless of if you like baseball, the Clippers are a must-seefor Columbus natives.

Ritas Italian Ice2. Rita’s Italian Ice

“April Showers bring ice showers,” is a saying that I would like to start using. Obviously I am referring to Rita’s Italian Ice — the seasonal treat that only opens when the weather enters the warm period. Rita’s offers all tops of Italian Ice Flavors from Mango, Wild Cherry, to Swedish Fish. If you really want to mix it up, try a Gellati — a mixture of custard and Italian ice.

3. Check out any number of Columbus’ festivals

“Columbus doesn’t have any festivals right now, you nut!” Is what I thought to myself when I wrote the above title. But low-and-behold Columbus is a fest…fest. Within just the upcoming week there is the CCAD Fashion Show, Maifest at the new Zauber Brewing Company, The Clintonville Yard Sale — guaranteed to be some deals there, and The Moonlight Market on Gay Street, just to name a few.


So if you also consider this time a delightful deadzone, get out and explore this wonderful city.


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