Farmer’s Market Time

Farmers Market
Credit: Wig Wam Arizona

Can you feel that sweet Spring breeze? The one that says, “Winter is gone and thus I vanquish the polar vortex’s.” With the budding of the awesomely brilliant pear trees, Columbus natives cannot only feel Spring in the air but they can see Spring on every corner of the Capital City — except for where they tow your car, I’m convinced that place is where good things go to die. With Spring in the air, people are out and about; there’s yard work to be done, lawns to be mowed, golf to be played, and sunburns to be…burnt? With the Spring season there is also an opportunity to partake in famer’s markets.


Yes, I am 100% riding the coattails of a recent Columbus Underground article, however I would like to include why exactly you should check out the local Farmer’s Market:

1. The flavors are real

Food at farmer’s markets are guaranteed to 100% fresh, homegrown and in season. No food is going to have to travel thousands of miles in the back of a freezer truck to get to you, nor will you have to have unripened food sit around and wait for the actual flavor to come out.

farmers market
You can find unique produce at farmer’s markets

2. Fresh variety

Many farmer’s markets include foods that you would not see in your normal super market and in addition, while most foods are processed and have chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to human health, farmer’s markets usually have food that is free of processing and is picked at the right time to ensure that no preservatives were used.]

3. Support your community

As previously mentioned the farmer’s market allows for local food to be sold. You will be supporting local business, and the farmers that make this country great – que the Paul Harvey commercial. It also allows you to get out and mingle in your community and maybe meet that cute girl or guy, that will go home and make you a Kale salad — doesn’t that sound like a much better “how I met your mother/father” story then “She/he was the 67th girl/guy that swiped me right on Tinder?”

Here is Columbus Underground’s list of awesome Ohio farmer’s markets.

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