Friday Fun

Blue JacketsI have a whole bag of miscellaneous Friday fun for everyone. For starters, can we just collectively give the Jackets some applause after rallying back from 3-0 to win in overtime for the second time in the series. I’ll tell you what Gene Hackman from “The Replacements” would be proud, because this team has as much heart as 10 — I said 10! — Shane Falco’s. What time is it in Pittsburgh? It’s 4 past Fleury! Zing! You can watch the Jackets take on the Penguins this Saturday evening at 7:00 pm. Do yourself a favor and get out of the confines of your home and go to one of Columbus’ local watering holes. You won’t regret it.

Win or lose however The Blue Jackets will return to Columbus on Monday for game 6 of this series, tickets are pricey but available.


Ryan Shazier Has a Video

Former Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier had a high light video released, and it is just dang cool. As one of the best linebackers to come out of Ohio State in recent memory, his video is a myriad of hard hits and tenacity.

Dave CoulierA Full House of Stand Up

I didn’t watch Full House as a kid. I knew who the Olsen Twins were, and I knew what Bob Saget looked like. However, I was not old enough to dive into this one at a young age, and I never revisited it as an adult. That did not however stop me from purchasing a ticket to see Uncle Joey (I’m assuming he was an uncle to someone on the show, and not like a “creepy uncle Joey”) himself, Dave Coulier at the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton this weekend. Yes, Dave Coulier is doing stand up comedy, and apparently it’s a gas! Tickets are only $20 for all the laughs you can get. Coulier is performing Friday Saturday, and Sunday, you can find tickets here.


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