Realtors… you owe it to yourself to…

First off, let’s go Jackets. And secondly

On the heals of Keller Williams Realty taking 3rd place in 10tv and CEO Magazines best large companies. We are privileged to present a letter from our very own Stacy McVey, who is not only our team leader but also our OP at Keller Williams Classic Properties. If you are currently a realtor, or are thinking about a career in real estate, please take the time to read from one of our own from our Keller Williams Family:


stacy mcvey
Stacy McVey is our OP at Keller Williams Classic Properties Realty, as well as The McVey Team’s team leader.

Today’s post is specifically for the realtors out there.

You are self-employed business people so you owe it to yourself to be familiar with different brokerages, pay plans, technology and support.  You may be happy with your current broker or you may not, but you should know what else is out there.

Keller Williams is growing at an amazing rate and has been for years, even in the down market we just came out of.  Why are so many agents joining our offices around the country.  They love the technology and support they receive.  Our in house training is usually free and I have not seen anything from other brokerages that comes close.  Agents love our pay plan and the support staff, our office locations and the friendliness our agents show to each other.

Unlike many brokers where everyone is in competition our agents help each other out. take time to answer questions and cover for each other when vacations come along.  We have amazing internet technology, websites, marketing materials and automated systems to save you time and money.  There are a lot of reasons agents have made us #1.

As an owner I would love to sit with you over coffee and tell you about what we have to offer so you have the facts… who knows, you might be the next agent to join the Keller Williams family.


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