Easter Bears and Treats

Easter Upper Arlington
Credit: Columbus Alive

For those celebrating, or just those who have small children who are fiending for chocolate, then most know that Easter is coming up this Sunday. The holiday is rich with tradition, and typically many families get together to celebrate with each other. Typically country clubs will be packed for brunch and children — along with some adults — will go on family Easter egg hunts.

For those of you who wish to take part in a community Easter Egg hunt, Upper Arlington will be hosting the Easter Candy Hunt this Saturday, April 19 at 10:00 am in Thompson park. The hunt will be divided by age group, so don’t worry about the 9 year old taking all the 4 year old’s candy (I’m looking at you Carolyn Costin — except you were younger than me, but don’t you think I haven’t forgotten!) The hunt is reserved for children ages 9 and younger, and don’t forget to bring an Easter basket, and a positive attitude! There is no contingency for weather, so if it does get ugly out there — hopefully it won’t, we’ve been through enough Mr. Winter you cruel, cruel frosty dude — you can call 614-583-5345 to see if the hunt is still on.

Easter Bear
Come see the Easter bear
Credit: UACA

For those as confused as I am about rabbits laying eggs and dying them, fear not, for I have the power of Wikipedia. Apparently the dying of eggs took place long before the Christian tradition was around. Ancient Egyptians would often dye eggs and place them in the tombs of their dead — it’s a little less warm and fuzzy than our current Easter traditions. The dying of the eggs was adopted by the Christians, who would typically dye eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ, with the egg symbolizing Resurrection. This concludes “The More You Know,” with The McVey Team.

Have a fantastic Easter, and happy hunting to all the kiddos out there!


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