UA Picks Parade Theme and Grand Marshal

Upper Arlington ParadeIn light of our April Fools joke that made it’s way around Upper Arlington — and also to other parts of the state/country — we would like to bring you some awesome news about the UPCOMING 4th of July Parade. The Civic Association has decided on a theme and on a Grand Marshal for this years parade.


ua 4th of july
Credit: This Week

The theme for this years 4th of July Parade is “YoU Are a Grand Old Flag,” which is a take on the song composed by George M. Cohan in 1906. I’m not entirely sure how the theme will be implemented, but I can only assume we are going to see some floats with some really “grand old flags.” As for the bigger news, this years Grand Marshal is retired Upper Arlington teacher, Bill Richards. The Civic Association provided some background on Mr. Richards:

– Bill taught in Upper Arlington for 28 years at Wickliffe, Barrington, and Hastings, where he founded the program honoring veterans on Veteran’s Day every year.

– In addition for teaching at Upper Arlington, Bill served two tours in Vietnam during his time in the U.S. Navy (1969-1972). Both Bill and his wife, Bobbi are children of World War II veterans.

– As gifts from former UA students Bill has received two flags flown with troops in Iraq, a flag from a unit in Afghanistan, and a flag that had been flown over the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor in honor of Hastings.

I know Bill is a favorite among many former students, and I’m sure many people will be thrilled to see him as Grand Marshal. With the snow yesterday, the 4th seems far away, but it really is only a few short months until the red white and blue comes parading down Northwest Blvd.


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