A Tradition Unlike Any Other

The  MastersA Tradition unlike any other officially kicked off yesterday. The Master’s Tournament started with some gorgeous weather and some great golf. This years tournament set a record for the number of first timers in the field — maybe they were trying to add a little more appeal after Tiger dropped out. After perusing the internet I found an awesome article by Business Insider giving some inside facts about The Masters that are probably unknown to most of the fans watching. Take a look at some of my favorites below.


1. Food and beverage prices are absurdly low

I wish the Memorial would take a look at how Augusta National does things, because not only are all food items below $3 but the most expensive imported beer you can buy is $4. Oh, and another thing, it’s against the rules to tip — it already sounds like a magical place.

2. This will not become a cellphone golf course!

Unlike the memorial where you can step away and use your phone, cellphones are strictly prohibited at Augusta, this leads to an unusual anachronism in today’s “go, go, go” society: people standing in lines to use payphones.

The Masters
Amen Corner

3. Tickets for The Masters are also reasonably priced.

Tickets go for $250 for a whole weekend of golf. What’s the catch? You have to apply for the next year’s tournament immediately following the current year’s, and then you have to win a lottery. Don’t think about selling these bad boys either, as people have been known for getting arrested for scalping Masters tickets.

4. The course is closed all summer.

Not a bunch to write about here, but Augusta National is kept closed all summer in order to keep is pristine condition. It’s pretty wild that the 300 members of Augusta can’t enjoy a good round of golf during the in-season.

5. There are 4 minutes of commercials allowed per hour during The Masters broadcast.

Just like it should be for television everywhere.


You can read the whole article here.

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