Free Food Tomorrow!

Pizza Cucinova
Pizza Cucinova opens this week on Olentangy River Road


Yes, it’s Tuesday. The underdog for the week’s worst day. Though “a case of the Mondays” isn’t fun, it’s also expected, whereas Tuesday can quietly creep up on you to bum you out. To put this in relative terms, I will use a sports metaphor. Monday’s are like the rival team that you strive to beat, week in and week out, you prepare for them, and once they’re over, they. are. over. Tuesdays however are like that hungry underdog that no one thinks can win — I’m looking at you Dayton — and then they upset your favorite team, leaving you with malice in your heart. Tuesdays, quite simply, are not fun. Every once in awhile however, Tuesdays bring good news. Such is this kind of Tuesday. I come bearing tidings of free food!

“Free food!?” You say on this weary Tuesday. Yes, I wrote the words and I’m about to back them up. Pizza Cucinova — which has no meaning in Italian — is opening up a new restaurant on the corner of Olentangy River Road and 3rd Avenue. In order to celebrate the opening of the new location, Pizza Cucinova has come up with an insane idea to give out free pizzas…? I’m not talking slices here, or even your ordinary cheese pizza. Nope…Customers will be able to order any kind of pizza they want, and watch as it is hand-made in front of them, and then fired in a 700 degree  wood stone oven.

Pizza Cucinova 1
Go get a free whole pizza on Wednesday!

The only thing you have to do in order to receive a free pizza-pie is “like” Pizza Cucinova on Facebook, and prove it by either showing your phone, or printing out a page. For those over 45: click the above link, click “like” and print.  I can’t formally endorse how great this pizza is, because Wednesday will be my first trial, but it looks fan-freaking-tastic, and I also applaud their CEO’s philosophy: “Consumers know what great pizza tastes like but they haven’t been able to get it for a price they want to pay.” Said David Karam, CEO. After Wednesday, Pizza Cucinova will deal out whole pizza’s at a generous $7. They also serve salads, house-made cheesecake, craft beers and wine.

If you want the short notes of this article: There is free pizza this Wednesday (4/9/14). “Like” Pizza Cucinova on the Facebooks. Go get free food. After Wednesday, enjoy the generously priced food and drink.


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