Why I Love Upper Arlington

Upper ArlingtonI love April Fools Day. It offers an opportunity for people to have a little fun at other peoples expenses without having to apologize for it. Often times this comes in the form of rearranging a room mates bedroom, moving a friends car down the block, or just the casual text to my mother saying, “I’m in jail. Do you have $5,000 or should I call Dad?” April 2014 would prove to be a difficult year however. With almost all of my room mates gone on either spring break, or on a mission trip to Mexico, and with my new job not affording me a lot of free time to plan an “April Fool,” I went to bed thinking that I would not participate in this day of shenanigans.

As I awoke on April 1st, I was going through my morning routine, and had a brilliant idea in the shower (I’m convinced this is where all brilliant ideas are conceived). Being the primary author on a real estate team’s blog, I could resort to writing a fake article. “What can I write about that would be April 1st worthy though?” I thought to myself as I applied body wash to my loofah. I thought of what news would devastate me to no end: A cancellation of the best holiday known to mankind — The 4th of July in Upper Arlington.

As I started typing away, I realized I couldn’t make it too serious for two reasons: 1. I wanted most people to know that it was a joke from the first paragraph and 2. The first draft was too serious and upset me a little. With the article written, I posted it to Facebook under our team’s page, as well as my own page, excited for the 20-30 people who actually read this blog to have some entertainment on April 1st.

Let me preface this and say that the most hits our blog has ever gotten was around 180 — ironically it was another post about the 4th of July in Upper Arlington. To my surprise, when I got into work there were over 200 hits within a 30 minute period. this continued to grow to over 3,000 throughout the day. Don Leach, UA’s President of Council even chimed in with a witticism of his own.

What does this have to do with “Why I Love Upper Arlington?” This little April Fool’s day article about Upper Arlington’s best day garnered three thousand views, a lot of social media shares, and a few outraged people. This small, land-locked community is wrapped in tradition that few outside Upper Arlington’s borders understand. As one of aforementioned “outraged people” commented: The 4th of July is the reason a lot of people bring the families and friends into town. Residents of UA are gracious enough to open their doors and let friends and family, friends of friends, and, although maybe against their will, friends of family into their homes. This is just one example of how strong the communal bond is among residents of Upper Arlington, and it’s just one example of the many community events that occur throughout the year. It’s a fantastic community, rooted in great tradition, and I’ll be damned if we don’t have the best 4th of July in the country. That is why I love Upper Arlington.


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