Columbus Alive’s Best of Columbus: Commentary

Columbus Alive recently released their “Best of Columbuslist, and let me just say, I have some thoughts about said list. Not only did I read it right before lunch — which may of may not have been a bad idea, as I ventured to go eat cafeteria food — but I was a little surprised at either how many restaurants were repeat winners, as well as those that were, at least in my mind, snubbed. I’m not going to go through all of these but let’s visit a few of the “Best of Columbus.”

First of all let me disclose that this list was voted on by the Columbus population, so it was by no means a critics choice award. However it does give a good estimate of some of the great establishments around Columbus.


Akai Hana
Akai Hana Restaurant Is a great hidden gem

Best Sushi

Haiku won best sushi, and I can’t really argue with that, what I can say is I was surprisingly pleased with Akai Hana Restaurant. This place is awesome, and what more, is that no one knows about this little Japanese eatery. How can that be?! Because it’s nestled behind a Staples in Kenny Center. That’s right, that little strip mall on Kenny road, between McCoy and Henderson plays home to one of Columbus’ best Sushi joints. Now that you know where it is, go check it out!



Mikey's Late Night Slice
Mikey’s Late Night Slice continues to solidify themselves as a Columbus staple

Mikey’s Late Night BEST PLACE EVER

If “The Best of Columbus” was the Oscars then consider Mikey’s Late Night Slice “Ben Hur,” because it flat out cleaned up the list. It’s awards included “Best Traditional Pizza,” “Best Food Truck,” Best Late-Night Eats,” and it may as well have been included in “Best Bar for Live Music,” because Woodlands Tavern houses a Late Night Slice in their bar.  Guess where else you can find Late Night Slice, at the freaking Life Styles Community Pavilion which will play host to Group Love on Saturday’s CD102.5 day. Seriously, these guys are everywhere! MLNS is also getting in on the charity game as well.


Airing of Grievances

Martini is some of the best Italian in Columbus

My biggest notable snubs have got to be that Martini Modern Italian wasn’t even mentioned in a runner-up category for best Italian. Martini’s will blow your mind with it’s Italian cuisine, as well as its fantastic wine section. The fact that Martini’s was nowhere to be found is a travesty! A travesty!

Going along with the restaurant grievance, “Best Mexican Food” went to El Vaquero, as well it should. El Vaquero is delicious, and makes me feel warm inside. What could my grievance be? How about the “four reasons to go to an El Vaquero;” “They’re cheap, fun, convenient, and serve fishbowl margaritas.” Cheap? eh? “Cheap” was back in college when I could get a pitcher of margarita for $7. “Cheap” was the fish taco for $1.50 that gave me horrendous food poisoning. :”Cheap” is…well Yabo’s Taco’s — however, they manage to make their food delicious and serve $1 drafts. El Vaquero is Columbus’ favorite Mexican restaurant not because it’s cheap, but because they consistently deliver quality food, quickly. If you want cheap Mexican though,  visit your local street meat vendor and hang on to a toilet.

My last grievance is about the “Best Places To Watch A Buckeye Game.” Varsity Club took the cake, with Eddie George’s Grill and Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe bringing up the rear. I enjoy all of those places, but let’s get one thing clear, Varsity Club and Eddie George’s are almost always grossly over crowded for the games. And if the weather is bad and ticket holders decide to ditch the game, then you can basically forget about any sort of forward or backward movement as you will be restricted to one spot for the remainder of the game. I am shocked that Little Bar, and Out-R-Inn did not make this list. Not only does Little Bar open their parking lot up for some of the games in warmer weather, but both are in the heart of campus and Out-R-Inn is across from a horribly fantastic “beer food” joint called PJ’s!

Other than my grievances, I thought the whole list was very well put together. Well done by one of Columbus’ top magazine publications. Everyone should take a look!


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