Restaurant Week: Columbus

Restaurant Week ColumbusHoly week of January 12th Batman! Now that the holidays have past and we’re out of the Polar Vortex, we look to dive head-first into 2014. For those of us who wish we could pull a Grizzly Bear and hibernate for the months of January and February, fear not! I say! There is still fun to be had in the winter months. After all, it almost hit 50 degrees on Friday.

Columbus natives are about to enter into a gastronomic heaven. Forbes Travel Guide Blog recently named Columbus one of the Five Secret Foodie cities, and in two weeks those who live in the capital city will be able to really dive into the culinary centers.  January 20th marks the start of Restaurant Week in Columbus. The event is put on by (614) Magazine and goes through January 25th. 70 of Columbus’ best restaurants will be on display to the public. For those unfamiliar the way that Restaurant Week works, the Columbus eateries on display will be divided up into monetary tiers of $15, $20, $25, $30, and $35. Depending on the restaurant you choose to attend, you’ll pay the flat rate for a 3 course meal.

For those who would like a real life example of how Restaurant Week works: It’s January 21st, and you’re upset because Juan Pablo just exited your favorite girl on The Bachelor last night (maybe it happens to be hometown favorite Chelsie — but let’s hope not!). All you want to do is gorge yourself on some Figlio, but you don’t have $30-$35 to spend because your friend Joanne got you worked up, and you went and placed a losing bet on the aforementioned TV show. “Gosh, I’m hungry but I only have $25 to spend on dinner thanks to that darn Juan Pablo.” You think to yourself as you put away your neglected laundry. But wait! Suddenly you remember that it’s Restaurant Week in Columbus and you can afford a 3-course, Figlio meal for $20 and still have money left over to tip! By Joaquin Phoenix’s beard, your Tuesday is saved!

Below are some notable highlights for each tier:


The Pearl
The Pearl is one of the many restaurants on display during Restaurant Week

– Brazenhead

– La Fogata


– Bravo

– Figlio

– Moretti’s


– Brio

Hubbard Grille
Hubbard Grille offers one the most unique dining experiences in Columbus

– Columbus Fish Market

– Lemongrass Fusion Bistro


– The Pearl

– Hubbard Grille

– Lindey’s


– Barcelona

– M at Miranova

– The Refectory

Check out all of the participating restaurants here. “Who is this benefiting other than me?” I’m sure all of you are asking yourselves — Each restaurant donates $5,000 to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank for each restaurant week, and has contributed over $50,000 to date.  In talking to a friend who has observed Restaurant Week in Washington DC, the restaurant traffic is at an all time high, therefore we suggest that those who really wish to take full advantage of Restaurant Week make reservations ahead of time, as it fills up fast.


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