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Did everyone survive the best weekend in college football in recent memory? Me neither. I honestly can’t remember a game like that since 2002 – both which had national title implications. To top it off, Ohio State was given an early holiday present by Auburn with one of the most outrageous plays in college football history. With Ohio State firmly in control of its own destiny, all eyes turn to Indianapolis where Ohio State will take on Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game. If you want to laugh/start your Monday out right, check out some awesome fan reactions to the Auburn game including the best dad ever.

Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State will play for the B1G Championship this Saturday, with National Title implications

Indy fever

College Gameday will be on hand for the Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. The game will be played this Saturday, December 7th, at Lucas Oil Stadium. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Indianapolis, as both an awesome city to visit for a sporting event, as well as the general hospitality of the people. Hats off to Indy for always handling their business, whether it’s for the NCAA tournament, The Super Bowl, and now College Football Championship games. We’ve been told Basey’s Downtown Grill and Spirits, literally in the shadow of Lucas Oil Stadium, is one of the great spots to go before games. While the 10,000 tickets allotted Ohio State have already been sold out, there are still other places to find tickets for Ohio State’s first Big Ten Championship game.

Katzinger's Deli
Katzinger’s offers some of the best sandwiches in the country

Katzinger’s Goes Online

For those unfamiliar with Katzinger’s Delicatessen, the food eatery can be found in German Village and has been nationally recognized on the Food Network’s, The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Katzinger’s has been family owned and operated since 1984, and they just flat out know what they’re doing. In any case, Katzinger’s Delicatessen has just opened an online grocery, with everything you would ever need for you to create your own gourmet sandwiches including deli, cured, and smoked meats, breads and an assortment of cheeses. Check it out at

New Italian Village apartmentsItalian Village Gets a Facelift

Columbus Underground has put out an article reporting that JDS Companies are seemingly ready to start a new apartment housing project in Italian Village. The 56-unit apartment complex will be built on the corner of East 2nd Avenue and North 6th Street. The apartments will be one-bedroom and spread across four buildings interconnected by walkways. The buildings will most likely be used as housing for young professionals entering the Columbus job market.

For your consideration here is a video of one of the most talented Ohio State teams of the 90’s losing to a Nick Saban lead Michigan State squad. People don’t forget…

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