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Ohio State vs MichiganThe Ohio State football team just beat it’s last opponent before facing that team up north this Saturday. Yes, The Game is next on the docket for the Buckeyes. While Ohio State/Michigan has produced some fantastic football games, the talk around town is that this could be reminiscent of the 90’s games that saw Michigan play spoiler to Ohio State’s prestigious season. I don’t think it will happen, but hey, it adds to the drama. Hopefully Ohio State goes on the road and takes care of business. In addition to rivalry week, there have been a few musings around Columbus in the past few days. So without further ado let’s see what’s happening around Columbus.

The Mirror Lake Jump Gets Muddy

Mirror Lake Jump
The Mirror Lake Jump will most likely see less attendees then previous years

For those unfamiliar with the Mirror Lake Jump, it’s an annual tradition that started in 1990 when a group of students jumped into Mirror Lake the Thursday before the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. The tradition took off from there, garnering approximately 12,000 attendees – either jumping or watching – in 2009. The Mirror Lake Jump has moved to the Tuesday night before the game after a Big Ten scheduling change in 2010. This year however is going to be a less communal jump than in years past. Instead of fans and alumni from around Columbus being able to attend, only students will be able to get a “beat Michigan” wristband in order to attend the Mirror Lake Jump. While the increased organization and police presence is supposed to aid in the safety of the students, some feel that it neglects others within the Columbus community. While I can see both sides to the coin, safety should obviously be the highest priority to the school, and with the recent tragedy earlier this September involving a OSU Ph.D. candidate, the added safety measures should have been a foregone conclusion at least for this year.

Turkey Day

Whole Foods Thanksgiving
No Thanksgiving plans? Look no further than Whole Foods Market

Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of the holiday season. And what’s that? Buzzfeed released a “Buzzfeed” (Disclaimer: I still have no idea what to call Buzzfeed’s “articles,” because if picking an arbitrary number and putting simple sentences next to pictures is considered writing an article, then 6th grade me deserved a Pulitzer) about  19 great ways to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey. And while the above disclaimer may sound like I need to get off my high horse regarding Buzzfeed, the article gives pictures and links to great Turkey recipes including Alton Brown’s turkey recipe, deep fried turkey – be careful! – and even how to cook a Turducken. If cooking isn’t your forte, but you still wish to enjoy that wonderful Thanksgiving meal, look no further than The Whole Foods Market. You can literally buy everything you need for a Thanksgiving meal,  including 7 different types of Turkey! You can check out the whole menu here.

Giving thanks for basketball

Sam ThompsonThe Ohio State Basketball team has two games this week – Tonight at 7:00 pm against Wyoming, and Friday at 5:00 against North Florida. Tonight’s showdown will see Wyoming try to take down the Buckeyes. The game –  televised on BTN –  will probably be better than just another early season match-up, as Larry Nance Jr of Wyoming, son of Cavs legend, Larry Nance, is averaging 11.8 points and 8.4 rebounds a game. Wyoming has two other players that are averaging double figures, and Wyoming has not given up a fast-break point in four of five games this season. This could be a scary game for Ohio State.

Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, especially those traveling to see family and friends!

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