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There has been a plethora of new real estate news in the past few weeks, of which we would like to address. So without further ado..

Rental Property Owners Answer to New Judge

Judge Hawkins
Judge Hawkins promises a stern but fair attitude when dealing with rental property owners

The Columbus Dispatch dropped a major cover story today that might have some central Ohio Property owners shaking in their boots. There’s a new judge sitting on the Environmental Court, and he is no chump. Judge Hawkins seems to be dedicated to holding rental property owners accountable for maintaining their own properties. Hawkins, who received 51 percent of the vote in the recent November election, is not afraid to put pressure on landlords to keep their properties in good condition for their tenant. In one case Hawkins has already issued jail time to a landlord that didn’t meet the requirements that Hawkins laid out for him. The Dispatch says that this new, “fair but stern” style that Hawkins has adopted is a far cry from what it once was under Judge Hale, who would often issue minor $100 fines for egregious charges filed against property owners.

North Market Gets a Makeover

The North Market
Columbus’ oldest farmer’s market is getting a face lift

According to Columbus Alive, Columbus’ oldest farmers market is getting a major overhaul – The North Market is getting a $1.2 million dollar renovation, which features a center piece of a new HVAC installation. That’s right, no longer will patrons exit the market smelling like every type of meat. In addition to the renovation, two new venders will also be coming to The North Market: Pistacia Vera, and a “tributary of an elite delicatessen,” which Columbus Alive cleverly guesses, Katzingers. In addition The Barrel and The Bottle will now be able to serve alcohol that you will be able to enjoy with your meal at “The North Market; they will feature around eight craft beer taps, as well as wine dispensed from a state-of-the-art Napa Technology WineStation system.”(Columbus Alive). The renovations are supposed to be done by Thanksgiving, however there is speculation that it will take until January 1, 2014 to finish.

Central Ohio’s Most Exclusive Streets

Columbus' Most Exclusive Streets
The Dispatch’s map of Columbus’ most exclusive streets

The Dispatch recently released its report of Central Ohio’s most exclusive/expensive streets. To no one’s surprise Bexley and Upper Arlington topped the list, with some Dublin and New Albany Streets sprinkled in. The most expensive home on the list was on Dublin Road, specifically the west bank of the Scioto River, north of Hilliard Cemetery Road, coming in at $4.3 million dollars. Parkview Avenue in Bexley had the most Million dollar homes coming in with 26, with Tremont road coming in 2nd at 24.It’s an interesting read if you have some time to kill, as well as educational (How many people know where Squirrel Bend Road is?).

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