Woodlands Owner Acquires Park Street Complex

Jimmy Woodland
Jimmy Woodland is making his way to Park Street

The weekend hot spot known simply as “Park Street,” is about to get a makeover. Jimmy Woodland, owner of Woodlands Tavern (on 3rd Avenue) and Woodlands Backyard (off of Grandview Avenue) has acquired the Park Street Complex. The Social, Park Street Patio and Park Street Saloon will now operate under a new management team, and the Woodland’s flavor will begin making its way to Park Street –  For those wondering, Jimmy Woodland dropped the apostrophe off “Woodland’s” in order to foster an even more communal atmosphere.

Woodland,s both Tavern and Backyard, have had roots in the live music and entertainment scene since their inception. Woodlands Tavern frequently features live music from both local and national bands, as well as comedians – Comedy Central’s Kyle Kinane was there on October 14th. Woodlands also plays host to open mic nights for those wishing to display their talents in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Woodlands TavernJimmy Woodland plans to bring his brand of bar atmosphere to Park Street. There are plans to bring a live music program to Park Street in addition to the already existing entertainment. Woodland’s boasts one of the best happy hours around Columbus ( $2 drafts, domestic, and wells) which Jimmy Woodland also plans to bring to the Park Street complex, along with Mikey’s Late Night Slice – which will be a welcome addition for the night owls looking for some late night grub.

Park Street’s venues will also begin operating four to six nights a week as opposed to being open exclusively during the weekends.

Park Street Night LifeIt will be interesting to see Woodland’s culture begin integrating with the semi club-like nature that seemingly dominates the Park Street nightlife. Woodland is adamant about not alienating the crowd already established around Park Street, saying that, “We’re keeping that and adding to it  to make it better…adding our flavor to it.” Woodland has proven to know what he’s doing when it comes to Columbus nightlife, and he will be welcomed addition to Columbus’ party street.

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