SuperChef’s Begins Cracking Eggs in Downtown Columbus

Superchef'sDowntown Columbus is welcoming a new breakfast joint on East Broad Street. Childhood friends Ryan Bryson, and Darnell Ferguson have returned to Columbus to open “SuperChef’s” after beginning their restaurant career in Kentucky. Open Tuesday through Sunday, SuperChef’s offers authentic gourmet breakfasts as well as additional lunch items. Bryson stated that he and Ferguson want to give breakfast the respect it deserves.

Baked Alaskan Banana Pudding Pancakes
Enjoy SuperChef’s Baked Alaskan Banana Pudding Pancakes

The Columbus Dispatch reports, “‘We wanted to bring life and creativity back to the most-important meal of the day,” Bryson said. “ Our moms cared about breakfast, and that is where many of our best memories came from. If you do breakfast the right way, you can go a long way.’” – The Columbus Dispatch

Bryson and Ferguson grew up in Columbus and met each other in 6th grade. Excelling in the culinary arts, Ferguson earned an opportunity to be a chef in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Team U.S.A.. It was here that Ferguson earned the name “SuperChef,” which would ultimately become the name of their Columbus restaurant.  They wanted to open their restaurant downtown, “because Downtown is coming back to life … and we wanted to be part of its coming back,” Bryson said.

Grilled Cheese
Superchef’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese looks delicious

The duo along with their other partner, James Dawson, have already received great reviews from both Yelp and Urban Spoon, and the consensus seems to be that the food is spectacular. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t eaten anything yet today or because everything on the menu looks downright delicious, but I am absolutely stoked to try “SuperChef’s” sometime in the extremely near future. It’s pretty cool when just the pictures of their food is enough to get your mouth watering. If anyone gets down there before us, leave a comment and tell us how it is!

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