Haunted Attractions Around Ohio

Haunted Houses Around OhioWith October almost reaching its midpoint, attention turns to All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween. Halloween actually has a pretty interesting and debated history – scholars argue 17th century Celtic/Pagan roots and 15th century Christianity. However, Halloween is now a day where we get to masquerade around in guises, carve pumpkins and possible attend some haunted houses…

Ohio has quite a few haunted spectacles located relatively close to the capital city:

1. Lake Eerie Fearfest

No that’s not a typo, that’s a play on the spelling of “Erie,” to reflect the haunted houses nature. Located in Sandusky, Ohio the Lake Eerie Fearfest boasts four legendary haunted units, with a newly renovated Ghostly Manor. The Lake Eerie Fearfest was recently featured on The Travel Channel’s “Best Places I’ve Ever Been.” Their website states:

“Lake Eerie Fearfest bands the mysterious legends of Lake Erie together under one roof to create the area’s newest, unique and feared haunted destination.  You don’t want to miss the nationally recognized Ghostly Manor, and all new haunted encounters brought in from around the world, including Darkmare, Caged, Quarantine & Eerie Chateau!  Lake Eerie Fearfest consists of six acres of non-stop haunted action.” – http://www.lakeeeriefearfest.com/


Mansfield Haunted Prison
A look at Mansfield’s haunted prison during the day

2. Haunted Prison Experience

Located in Mansfield, Ohio – which already has an interesting history in its own right – and winner of the 2011 and 2012 spookiest attraction, this haunted house is located within the Ohio State Reformatory, which was an actual prison that closed in 1990. This haunted house apparently is so scary that you must be at least 13 years old to enter regardless if you are with a parent or not. There apparently have been some actual
“haunted” experiences in addition to the spectacle that the staff puts on.


3. Fear Forest

Lookout for the 68 acre Fear Forest located in Lordstown, Ohio. I’ve found their “about us” bullet points fantastically entertaining, and would hate for any readers to miss out on these quick hitters:

“- Take a ride through 68 scarifying acres of sheer terror!
– Our 1-mile long Haunted Hayride is full of your worst nightmares
– Don’t miss our terrifying horror trail just minutes from Warren Austintown and Youngtown, (sic) Ohio
– We will scare you so bad you’ll be talking about it for days!
– We dare you to experience the Haunted Hayride, the Insane-A-Tarium, and a all (sic) new Forbidden Cornfield
– Don’t say we didn’t warn you…”

Halloweekends have been an Ohio staple since 1997

In the words of a text message I received one time, “lolololololololol.” If this haunted attraction is as scary as their grammar, then holy cow bring a change of pants. And if their haunted hayride really is full of my worst nightmares – Showing up for a final in a class that I haven’t been to all semester, while a giant face of Tim Gunn spouts off condescending remarks, interspersed with Expedia commercial quotations – then be prepared to be wildly confused. I hope someone goes to Fear Forest just so I can validate if this attraction is as bizarre as I think it is.

4. Cedar Point’s Halloweekends

I don’t think there are a lot of place that can beat Cedar Point’s Halloweekends. In addition to the plethora of awesome roller coasters – Raptor, Millennium Force…IRON DRAGON! – the theme park also has mazes, scare zones, shows, and other featured attractions. Cedar Point has been doing Halloween right since 1997. If you really want to do at least one Halloween attraction this fall, then head up to Sandusky and hit the point. Also, just as a side note, two of our other three featured attractions are literally on the way to Cedar Point.

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