16 Bit Bar & Arcade

16-Bit Bar & ArcadeColumbus’ newest bar, 16 Bit Bar & Arcade, is a blast from the past. The new Columbus bar has approximately 40 “old school” arcade games, including “Pac-Man,” “Street Fighter,” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” among others. Located in downtown Columbus, owner Troy Allen, came up with the idea of 16-Bit after visiting “barcades” on business trips.

” When people step in here, we really want them to step back in time,” said Allen.

One of the major selling points of 16-Bit is that all the games, with two exceptions, are free of charge. That’s right, you don’t need to bring your bag of quarters down to 16-Bit unless you want to pay for beer in change. With this free style of play, there was concern about monopolization of the games. However the numerous signs reading “Relive your childhood, but don’t act like a child,” “No game hogging,” and “Winners stay, losers walk,” remind patrons to be respectful of others, and don’t hog the games. One of the great features of this new barcade is the drink holders next to each arcade game.

16-Bit Bar PatronsDon’t mistake 16-Bit for an arcade that just serves beer. No, they are most definitely a bar first and then an arcade. 16-bit has 12 craft beer taps at $4 for happy hour, and $6 regular price. Oranjeboom and PBR tallboys are priced at $3 and $2 respectively. The cocktails have fun names such as Burt Reynolds (old fashioned), and Dolph Lundgren (Moscow mule). Sweeter drinks have names like Molly RIngwald and Tiffani Amber Thiessen.  In addition there will also be themed nights, such as “Wayback Wednesday,” where they are planning to show 1980’s classics, like the Goonies. If 1980’s cinema doesn’t do it for you, perhaps “Tiger Beat Thursday,” will put a smile on your face as Boy-bands will echo throughout the bar this Thursday.

Do yourself a favor and go relive some of your childhood memories at 16-Bit Bar & Arcade.


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