Remember How To GameDay Guide: Part 2

Remember How To GameDay Guide: Part 2There is one more sunrise until the glorious moment when you arise out of bed, don your teams colors, and proceed to watch as the wonderful game of football takes place. Here is part two of the “Remember How To GameDay” guide.

6. Beat The Heat

Remember a few years ago when Columbus had a record heat on opening day? Fans left their seats in order to watch the game from the relative comfort of shade, while band members performing at halftime started dropping like dehydrated flies.  While this weekend’s forecast calls for more rain, there’s always a chance Jim Ganahl will be off in his forecasting game (see the last 3 days), and it will again be a scorcher. I have a general rule that if the game is in September, wear shorts. Even though denim might feel great in the early morning, you will be cursing Levi Strauss come the second quarter. I also like to wear an old t-shirt under a jersey, and if it gets unbearably hot, I take that old t-shirt off, douse it in water and throw it on the old neck.

Urban wants have a good saturday7. Just because the second teamers are in, doesn’t mean the game is over.

With Ohio State being ridiculously favored in the opener, the starters will inevitably be pulled sometime in the second half. This doesn’t mean your fun is over. In fact, I would argue watching second teamers in the opening game is sometimes more fun than watching the starters. How can I say that watching the second teamers is more fun the watching Braxton Miller dodge missiles? Because the second team players have something to prove. Here’s your list of players to keep your eye on in the second half:

13 Kenny Guiton   QB – Mr. Smooth Jazz is a captain, and is the easiest guy to root for.

12 Cardale Jones  QB – Cardale is in a position to be the next field general for the Buckeyes after Braxton goes down in Buckeye Football history.

1 Dontre Wilson RB/WR – Google > Dontre Wilson > News > Get excited

15 Ezekiel Elliot RB – Elliot is another freshmen that Meyer has said that they need to get on the field. Meyer is not a fan of putting people on pedestal, especially a freshmen, so for him to say the Buckeyes need to put him on the field, means that Meyer thinks he’s pretty special.

13 Eli Apple CB – Another highly touted freshmen. With Roby out, look for Apple to try to make a name for himself come Saturday

Johnsonville Brats Tasty8. Johnsonville Vender’s are the golden standard

Every time I attend a game for the first time in the year, I almost always try a new place to eat within the stadium. For whatever reason I can’t resist that sweet, sweet aroma of Philly Cheese Steaks. And every year I am thoroughly disappointed with my decision. While it smells delicious, there is something heinous about seeing precooked meat, thrown on a pita with soggy peppers, and no mayonnaise, and then being told, “that will be $10.” No. No, No, No…No. It’s kind of like a mini-van: It will get you from place to place, but it’s not fun to look at, nor does it feel good to drive/eat. There’s a reason Johnsonville does what they do. They have a recipe that never disappoints, and a satisfaction level that can’t be beat.

9. The Best Damn Band in The Land

I will be the first to admit that I do not always get into the stadium before the band takes the field. But on the rare occasion that I am able to see TBDBITL take the field for the first time in the season, it almost always makes me weep like a little…I mean…it gives me chills, it just gives me hyper masculine chills. When those drums start rolling for the first time during the intro to “Buckeye Battle Cry,” I can fully realize that Autumn’s here and football will be around for the coming months.

10. We’re not playing Michigan.

No, we’re playing Buffalo, and as supporters of Ohio State, I believe we are a class act of fanbases. There have been numerous articles about how we are welcoming, kind, and just generally fun to be around. Some say it’s because of our unique Midwestern friendliness, but I say it’s because in Ohio we know how to treat people – unless your clad in Maize and Blue.

With the guide complete, go have the best dang time ever this Saturday on the banks of the Olentangy, where Ohio field will hear once  again, the Buckeye Battle Cry.

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