Columbus Summer Beerfest

Columbus Summer BeerfestAs the summer months come to a close, many are feeling the weight of August coming to a close. Teachers are getting ready to go back to school, and students are watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in order to practice faking clammy hands and stomach aches. But summer is not gone yet! No, there is still some summer juice left to be squeezed, and it’s going to taste oh-so-sweet. The Columbus Summer Beerfest is coming up this weekend at the Lifestyles Community Pavilion!

This relatively young event (The 4th annual Columbus Summer Beerfest is this summer) is a charity event that raises money for education and musical performances by professional musicians in Columbus area schools. This past year the festival raised $21,166 and spread that money out over 40 Columbus area schools.

Lifestyles Community PavilionTickets purchased in advance are $35 for regular admission and include 25 sample tickets – which are good for 25 samples of 5 oz beers. There is also a designated driver ticket of $20 (sold in advance only) and includes a $5 food truck coupon and free water and soft drinks. Choose wisely on how to spend your 25 drink tickets, because this year there are 300+ craft beers on display. There will also be a plethora of musical performances as this whole event is to raise money for music education departments.

I’m guessing some of you have already done the math but if not here you go: 25 4-5 oz beers, is around 125 ounces of beer in total, divided by 12 (the amount of beer in an average can) equals around 10 beers for $35. So depending on if you like craft beers or not, you seemingly will get your money’s worth. Get your ticket today and enjoy the fun down at the LC, for what is sure to be a great time at the Columbus Summer Beerfest.

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