COSI: Because, Why Not?

COSIToday we are going to talk about COSI, because why the heck not? I remember being a small child and taking trips to this magical place before it was redone. I remember crying the first time I went in the lunar module near the entrance because I was convinced my mother was trying to shoot me to the moon. Once I figured out that I wasn’t set to go on a personal space adventure, I was able to fully enjoy the magic that is the Center Of Science & Industry (Oh my gosh! That’s what COSI stands for!?).

COSI opened on March 29, 1964 as a venture of the Franklin County Historical Society. It closed and reopened at its current location in 1999. In 2009, Parents Magazine named COSI the #1 Science Center for families in the country.

COSI SubmarineThe classic exhibits include the space exhibit, where my deepest childhood fears have been realized, and you actually can land a lunar module, drive a mars rover, or test your skills as an armchair astronaut. Have you ever wanted to hop in a tiny metal vessel and be submerged underneath the water? Yes? Well then you’re insane. Just kidding, you need to check out the ocean exhibit, where you can get into a mini submarine. Get wet, or stay dry it’s your choice! Other exhibits include Life, Progress, Gadgets  and many more.

Mythbusters at COSIThis summer’s featured “traveling exhibit” is the MythBusters exhibit. Yes, those wild folks on the Discovery Channel have come to COSI. The exhibit features props from the show, as well as some experiments. The running vs walking in the rain looks pretty awesome. The idea is that you have a partner and one of you runs through a simulated rain, while the other walks. The “rain” has a dye that is only visible in UV light, and is also non-staining, so don’t worry about your clothes. The idea is that when you are done, you and your partner can go underneath the UV light to see who is dryer.  There are many other interactive experiments to make you feel like a real life MythBuster.

I haven’t been to COSI in a long time, and I am getting the itch for science (or maybe it was that bad banana I ate this morning). In any case, get down to COSI and have some fun with some hands on learning and entertainment.

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