Pints and Pies at The Columbus Commons

Pints and Pies at the Columbus CommonsMy gosh, have we just discovered something awesome happening on Thursdays in Columbus. Up until September 19th the Columbus Commons hosts a happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm. The event is called Pints & Pies, and features all things Columbus. Mikey’s Late Night Slice will be the pizza of choice on Thursday, and the brewery on display is Columbus’ Four String Brewing Co, and the live music – yes the LIVE MUSIC – will be performed by The Selner Brothers. Keep reading for information on all three of the attractions on display this Thursday.

Mikey's Late Night SliceThe first Mikey’s Late Night Slice was opened in 2009 by Mikey Sorboro with the help of his two friends, Bruce Unerott, and Jason Biundo. They opened the first Late Night Slice in the heart of the Short North, and soon grew to include food trucks – called PizzAssualt Trucks – and later opened locations including Grandview (attached to Woodlands Tavern), Clintonville, Promowest, and they just opened a new location in the Columbus Commons, where Thursday evening’s Pints & Pies will be held.

Four String Brewing CoThe Four String Brewing Co was started by bass guitarist Dan Cochran. Dan’s passion for slapping the bass inspired the name for his brewery. Dan has been brewing beer since 1994 and he has hand-built The Four String Brewing Co. He believes that every sip of Four String beer should be one of the best beers that his customers will taste.  The Four Strings has 4 beers that rock (I went there). The first is Brass Knuckle APA, described as having “tasty bitter hops and citrusy grapefruit shots to the nose. It finishes crisp and dry.” – Four String Brewing Co. The second beer is the Backstage Blonde, which is a Belgian Blonde ale. It’s sweeter than the APA and goes down easy. The Big Star White IPA is the “third string” of the Four Strings Brewery. It is a citrus IPA, and like the Brass Knuckle, also has a grapefruit aroma. The fourth string of this Columbus Brewery is the Suncaster Summer Wheat. An American wheat beer, the Suncaster is a refreshing beer with a dry finish, and is advertised as “Summer Drinking at its best.”

The band, The Selner Brothers, are brothers from Hudson, Ohio. They are a rap and hip/hop band, that has roots in R&B classics. The three brothers, Greg, Paul, and Eric all got into music at a young age, and music seems to be something that they are passionate about. Eric has been playing in cities ranging from Cleveland to Chicago since before 2007. Paul attended The Ohio State University and joined his brother in the music business. Greg, billed as “strictly eye candy,” plays keyboard, and raps a mean lyric.

Come out to the Columbus Commons this Thursday and enjoy some homegrown Columbus fun!

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