The Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State FairOh Me-Oh-My-Oh, It’s time for the Oh-HI-Oh…State Fair. That’s right the fair has been going on since July 24th and is now in full swing. I’m a little miffed on how to write a post about the Ohio State Fair because it literally crams so much entertainment on to a plot of land. There’s great food, carnival games, a man that wears overalls who has a pig show, cows made of butter (Oh the irony!) and much more. If you missed Comfest, The Jazz and Ribs Fest, or just haven’t gotten to see any livestock this summer and are extremely disappointed about it, then get to the Ohio State fair!

The Ohio State Fair MapThe history of the Ohio State Fair is pretty cool. I know what you’re thinking: “I didn’t sign up for Ohio State Fair 121,” but check this out: The Ohio State Fair dates back to 1849, when the first fair was planned for September, but an outbreak of Asiatic Cholera forced the fair to cancel. Pretty crazy. 1850 marked the first official Ohio State Fair, held near down town Cincinnati. The Ohio State Fair moved around in Ohio for the next 22 years. Some of the locations included, Cleveland, Dayton, Zanesville, and even Newark, until finally arriving at its current home at the Ohio Expo Center.

I highly encourage those who can, to take a trip to the Ohio State Fair. It’s pretty remarkable how much there is to do. There’s great food, live music, and there’s always something neat to buy. Pricing is completely reasonable as well. Adult admission is $10 and $8 for seniors and children 5-12 years old. Admission is free for children under 5. You can also find discounts and promotional codes on their website. Get out in this lovely weather, and head on down to the Ohio State Fair.


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