Keeping Healthy Trees

Keep your tree's healthyToday we will be talking about our large shade bearing friends. Yes that’s right, we will be discussing how we can keep our trees healthy and not a liability for our homes, vehicles or persons. I know there are times when I walk out into the yard, and have to sit and wonder, “Do I feel safe being under these large branches, because they sure look sickly.” If you have ever had similar thoughts about the trees in your yard then this article is for you.

If you are suspecting that your tree is not in good health here are some telltale signs if you should seek help or remove the tree from your yard:

  1. Dead or broken branches – You want to check for dead or broken branches as this is an easy way for insects or disease to enter the tree. You can tell if you have a dead branch if it breaks when you bend it as opposed to green branches that will just bend but not snap. You’ll want to prune dead branches away as soon as you can.
  2. Bark – A quick sign to see if a tree is sick is if the bark is loose or peeling (aside from some species: birch, maple). Make sure that no fungus is growing on the bark as well. Make sure the tree is not “wounded” or insects and disease can attack.
  3. Check for soft bark, and or saw dust, as this could mean insects have infested the tree, in which case the tree may have to be treated for termites or other invasive species.

Sick TreeSome tips for keeping your trees healthy are to avoid putting weed fertilizer anywhere near tree roots, water your tree during droughts. While this tip can be kind of a hassle, it is better to hand trim grass around the roots of trees so they don’t get bladed by the lawnmower. If your tree is invested with termites, you can invest in liquid non-repellent termiticide. This should be applied in a ring around the tree, and should kill off the colony of termites. Of course you can always call a trained professional, to see what else needs to be done about with your tree to keep it strong and healthy.

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