Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest

Columbus Jazz and Ribs FestWhat’s that on the breeze? Is that the smell of barbequed pork followed by the sweet sound of a tenor sax? Why yes…yes it is. That can only mean one thing: It’s time for the Columbus Jazz and Rib Festival. Yes that’s right, it’s the festival where you can stuff your face with as much meat as you can possibly consume, and when the food coma sets in, sit that behind down in a chair, and let your ears enjoy some awesome music from local and international jazz musicians.

The event kicks off this Friday at 11:00 a.m. and will be going through Sunday. The Arena District will play host to the event. The Jazz stages will be in the McFerson Commons and North Bank Park. The Jazz Café at North Bank Pavilion will be on a riverfront stage set against the city skyline (See map below).

Columbus Jazz & Ribs Fest Map
Columbus Jazz & Ribs Fest Map

Look out folks! Why?! Because admission is free! That’s right admission to this Columbus event is free, so even if you don’t want to spend money on the rib masters representing 10 states and Canada, you can still enjoy a plethora of free musicianship, including bands like Boney James, Dean Simm & The Hot Notes, and Ray Charles Tribute featuring Roger Hines just to name 3 out of the 48 bands and artists playing throughout the weekend. Take our advice with the ribs and try to get as many samples as you can, before you go buy your rack of ribs. If you’re going with friends, I would try to diversify. Maybe someone gets a rack from The Rib King, and then another friend gets some pulled pork from Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ. Yum!

The Jazz and Ribs Festival has been in existence for over 30 years, and has come to be an awesome event within the city of Columbus. We’re stoked to have another fun summer activity to do in Columbus. Be sure to check out the Jazz and Rib Festival this weekend!

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