Columbus Golf Course Tour: Granville Golf Course

Granville Golf CourseIs this weather whacky or what? It’s hot, and sunny, but there’s lightning, then it’s rainy, but not cold. Is that thunder or just a dump truck going over a speed bump? Did Florida’s climate get transported to the heart of the Midwest? ZAINY! I guess it could be worse though. For those of us who can find solace in the hours of nice weather throughout the day, I would like to continue our Columbus Golf Course Tour with a course a little bit outside of Columbus: Granville Golf Course.

Granville Golf Course is located in Toledo…Just kidding. Of course, the course is located in Granville, home to the Big Red of Denison University. Donald Ross built Granville Golf Course in 1924. For those of you thinking, “Hey, that name sounds familiar, I wonder if he’s my local frozen yogurt expert?” you would be off the mark (unless Don Ross is actually a froyo expert in Columbus, in which case I apologize, Don, keep doing your good work). Donald Ross was responsible for designing the golf course at Scioto Country Club in 1916. That means, in just a short drive outside of Columbus, golfers can experience a course designed by a man who’s courses routinely make it into the top 100 nationwide.

The 18th at Granville Golf Course
The 18th hold at Granville Golf Club

The course itself is really quite the journey. The front 9 has holes surrounded by wooded areas, and feels completely isolated, while the back 9 weaves through a residential area, with some gorgeous views at some incredibly awesome homes located on the course. Granville’s signature hole is the 18th, as the tee is elevated 125 feet above the fairway (see the picture on the right).

Rates are not bad especially to play Donald Ross designed course. During summer months it’s $51 on weekdays and $57 on weekends to ride 18 holes.

You can find directions to the course here.

If anyone can find some sunny time between this rainy weather, I would highly recommend getting out to play gorgeous Granville Golf Course.

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