Do’s and Don’t’s for The 4th of July Weekend

Do's and Don'ts for The 4th of July WeekendIn honor of this recent article about the great things Columbus has to offer, we thought we would share our “Do’s and Don’t Do’s” (mainly the “Do’s”) of the 4th of the July weekend. Depending on where you live (don’t think I didn’t hear those fireworks and start jumping up and down Scioto Country Club), most of us will see the 4th of July celebration begin with Red White and BOOM today so without further ado:


1. Do go down and partake in Red White and BOOM.

Red White and BOOM mapIt all starts at 3 pm today, with “Taste of BOOM,” which contrary to it’s name is not a game where Mike Tyson gives you a knuckle sandwich. No these sandwiches come with no knuckles, as “Taste of Boom” showcases some of Columbus’ top eateries. At 6 pm the AEP Independence Parade begins, and the fun doesn’t stop until after the fireworks go off around 10. We’re talking bands playing throughout the day, and even post shows after the fireworks, carnival games, COSI on wheels! Get out there and get your red white and BOOM going!

2. Don’t sit in the grass that’s roped off to see the fireworks because, hey, why wouldn’t that be a good idea?

This is pretty self explanatory, and I might have a little bit of experience in this department. Instead, plan ahead and get a good spot to watch the fireworks that doesn’t involve chair made of asphalt.

Upper Arlington Parade3. Do go to the Upper Arlington 4th of July Parade, my goodness!

This might seem a little too obvious, but it is such a great community parade that it has to be mentioned again. This years theme is Boulevard of Stars, and the Grand Marshal is none other than Upper Arlington graduate, and Olympic Silver Medalist herself, Abby Johnston! How cool is that?!

4. Doo Dah!

If there is one reason not to go to the Upper Arlington parade, it is the Doo Dah Parade in Victorian Village. This years Doo Dah parade is billed as “Puttin’ on Dah Ritz: Swagger With a Stagger!” If you want to be both weirded out and also amazed at the same time there is no better parade. The parade showcases a good sense of humor about social, political, and civic issues. Families – same rules apply as with Comfest: do some research before taking the children.

5. Don’t forget about the kids.

While catching up with friends and family over a few drinks can be a great time, don’t forget that this is one of the most family oriented times of the summer. Don’t be the jerk who isn’t invited back next year.

6. Do enjoy at least one community fireworks show.

If you live in Upper Arlington, Dublin, Hilliard, Galena, or wherever you should go see at least one community fireworks show. Unless you live next to a Disney theme park, then fireworks shows like these come around once a year. There is an awesome kind of collective effervescence that occurs while watching fireworks surrounded by a bunch of friends from your hometown.

4th of July food gets creative7. Don’t forget to factor in a siesta.

The 4th of July is very “get up and go.” With Red White and BOOM the previous night, you don’t want to get sleepy right before dinner, the fireworks, or while talking to your boss. If you can make it through the day without a power nap, then good work! If you can’t however, don’t forget to take that midday slumber.

8. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.

Going along with the comfort theme. There is a lot of walking around on the 4th and the worse thing you can do (other than not attend) is have to walk a few miles in those heels, dress shoes, or those Vans you thought would be comfortable but in reality put your feet in “foot prison.” Don’t be afraid to put on the sneakers.

9. Do wear/bring a bathing suit.

Take this for what you will, I have happened to run into someone who invites us to a gathering with a pool nearly every 4th of July weekend, and it is no fun asking to borrow shorts, or a bathing suit. Either bring a bag for your swimsuit, or wear one to your festivities.

10. Do have the best 4th of July of your life.

Enjoy the best day of the year!

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