Avoid Getting Speeding Tickets This Holiday Weekend

Avoid Speeding TicketsToday marks the Thirteen Colonies’ legal separation from Great Britain. And, while I woke up this morning with all intents and purposes of writing about how interest rates are rising, I stumbled across an article, not only pertinent to yesterday’s news about increased speed limits in Ohio, but also pertaining to what is most certainly my favorite Holiday of the year: our Independence Day. The Street just published an article about how to not be ticketed during those road trips to visit friends and family. While Ohio increasing their speed limits certainly helps, those boys in blue (black, or khaki) are pretty sneaky during holiday seasons when they see an increase on ticketable (how is that not an official word yet?) traffic.

The first and easiest way to not get ticketed is to simply follow the speed limits, and traffic laws. However, if you do choose to speed, the next best thing that The Street recommends is to blend in. “‘You don’t want to do anything that’s going to draw attention to your vehicle,’ says Michael Klijian, a senior partner at the firm (TheTrafficAttorneys.com). ‘The more you stick out, the more you’re going to be a target.'” – http://www.thestreet.com

Don't Drive AggressivelyThe Street recommends researching the areas in which you are driving. For instance, if I recall my drives to Florida correctly, Georgia is a place where the mustached police drive their Mustangs in order to deliver their yellow slips of pain to tourists passing through.

Along with research, The Street advises drivers to be cautious of where speed traps occur on highways, writing:

“Klijian says police usually set up speed traps behind overpasses, at the top or bottom of hills, at the end of on-ramps and off-ramps or at sudden curves in otherwise straight roads. He recommends driving cautiously any time you approach such road features.” – http://www.thestreet.com

Other than driving a non-descript car, (which would be difficult for those families not sporting a minivan) the other way to drive under the radar is to not be aggressive. Frequently changing lanes, passing a lot of other cars, and tailgating are great ways to attract a police officers attention. The Street says:

“You should also make sure you’re not traveling noticeably faster than everyone else. “If everybody is staying within the speed limit, you don’t want to be going 10 or 15 mph over the flow of traffic,” Klijian says.”

First lets make sure everyone is safe this holiday weekend, and secondly let’s make this  weekend $250 better by not getting pulled over for traffic violations.

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