Comfest Returns

Comfest ReturnsToday marks the first official day of The Community Festival, or “Comfest,” taking place in Goodale Park located in Victorian Village. It’s the festivals 42nd year in existence dating back to 1972. Comfest is a very large, very free (admission at least), community arts and music festival. Comfest bills itself as a supporter of collective cooperation rather than individual gain.  Comfest stresses ideas about helping the environment and human rights. The festival is three days, with live music, food and drink, and art.

Venders set up many stations where you can find items ranging from uniquely tie-dyed T-shirts, glass art sculptures, I even remember a tent where you could buy old Rolling Stone magazines.

Music Tent at ComfestAll three days are totally jam packed with live music and performances. Most of the bands are local and there’s sure to be performances to whet everyone’s musical taste. There’s even poetry readings and a bit of “Com(fest)edy”/Comedy. Leave the coolers at home, as Comfest has many different beer and wine tents where you can imbibe with local brews (although you might want to bring your wallet). Children are welcome, but need adult supervision. Comfest has wristbands for children in which adults can write their phone numbers for safety precautions. If you do have younger children, or even those unsure if they want to attend, I would do a little more research to see if it’s something in which you wish to partake.

Parking can be a little bit of a hassle for those wishing to attend. Comfest’s website encourages folks to ride their bikes, and take the COTA bus. Obviously, for some of us neither of those are great options. If you can’t utilize those transportation methods, I would recommend parking around 3rd Ave, the east side of high street, or, if you don’t mind walking a ways, you can overshoot and park in the garages off of Neil Ave near Huntington Park.

I have always had a good time at Comfest, if only for the arts and music. It’s neat to be able to hear and see what the locals of Columbus have to offer. We truly are an amazing city, and the people that make up Columbus are what makes it an extraordinary place to live. Comfest is able to showcase some of these unique individuals in a uniquely tasteful way.

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