Enjoy Zoombezi Bay

Enjoy Zoombezi BayIt is hot out there! Unless you’ve been isolated in your home the past few weeks, then you have undoubtedly felt the summer heat. The nice Midwestern humidity gives the nice added bonus of making some of us have to change our shirts twice a day. How do we beat this heat? Well you could take a trip up Riverside Drive and hop on over to Zoombezi Bay!


The CycloneGrowing up in Columbus, I remember trips to the magical place, formally known as Wyandot Lake. It was the “coolest” place to go on a summer day. The Columbus Zoo got a hold of Wyandot Lake back in 2008, renaming it “Zoombezi Bay” and it has improved on the water park in enormous fashion. What I enjoy about Zoombezi Bay is the way you can get around from place to place, utilizing the lazy river, aptly called “Roaring Rapids.” The lazy river will get you around the park, while you enjoy your time spent in the water. There are plenty of water rides at Zoombezi Bay, from the conglomerate of slides (Slippery Seals, Sea Snakes) that kind of look like how a 3-year-old would tie their shoes. To the awesomely ridiculous “Cyclone,” where you splash down into a giant funnel, going back and forth until you get shot down the bottom. There are tons of events for the kids, including shows, and a 4,000 square foot water playground called, “Barracuda Bay.” Adults, fear not, we have you covered, if you want to get a group together, and flying down waterslides isn’t really your cup of tea, then check out Zoombezi Bays, “Croctail Creek.” “Croctail, sounds an awful lot like cocktail,” some of you might be saying. That is correct, Crocktail Creek is a lazy river for those 21 years of age, and sports a bar in the middle of the river. If it’s summer time, and the weather is as hot as blacktop in New Mexico, then Zoombezi Bay is the place to be!


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