Ohio State Loses Assistant Coach

Ohio State Loses Assistant Coach, Chris JentThe Ohio State Men’s Basketball team lost one assistant coach this week, only to gain another. Chris Jent played his college ball at Ohio State from 1988-1992. He had a post-collegiate career bouncing around NBA and European teams. He began his coaching career with the 76ers in 2003 as an assistant. Jent bounced around the NBA as an assistant coach. He had stints with the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Most notable, Jent served as Lebron James’ personal shooting coach while Lebron was with the Cavs. In 2011, Ohio State head coach, Thad Matta, introduced Chris Jent as a new assistant coach for the Buckeye hoopsters. Jent leaves Ohio State to become an assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings under new head coach Michael Malone. It’s a great move for Jent who wasn’t a fan of the time limitation rules that the NCAA set, in terms of how much he time he could spend coaching players. Jent will be remembered for the signature floater/teardrop shot that many Buckeyes have adopted into their repertoire.

New Buckeye Assistant Coach, and Former Dukey, Greg PaulusWhile it’s never fun to lose someone as close to the program like Jent, his replacement will be a welcome addition to the coaching staff. Greg Paulus will relinquish his video coordinator duties to become the newest member of Thad Matta’s assitant coaches. Paulus played his college ball at Duke University, winning an ACC regular season tournament. His freshmen year he led the ACC in assists per game with 5.2. After his career at Duke, Paulus played one year of football at Syracuse University, where he was the starting quarterback. Thad Matta then hired Paulus at Ohio State as a video coordinator in 2011. Paulus is a terrific young man who will do great things for the program. It’s exciting for him to be able to work closely with point guards Aaron Craft, and Shannon Scott in particular. Thad Matta has also been on somewhat of a tear on the recruiting trail for 2014, picking up 3 players ranked in the ESPN top 100. While the loss of Chris Jent hurts, it is a bit easier to weather, knowing the kind of guy Thad Matta has in Greg Paulus.

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