Moving With Pets

Moving with petsLions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my! Or maybe in most of our cases, just cats and dogs. Homeowners and renters love their pets, which is why it’s hard to see them get anxious during a move. It’s no secret that those with cats and dogs tend to treat them as part of the family. They’re the ones who always great us at the door after a ruff (I did it…I went there) day, and who never give us paws (that’s 2 for 2, I can’t be stopped) to think that they care about us.  Studies have shown that pets can reduce stress, improve our health and lengthen our lives. Naturally, we too care about our pets, especially when we move to a new environment. While we all can’t move to a 40-acre farm for our dogs to chase rabbits, and our cats to, well, “cat-around.” We can do things to lessen their anxiety in moving to a new place.

cute Kitten getting used to her new homeThe AARP wrote an article addressing the needs of pets moving from one place to another. It’s no surprise that “consistency,” is first on their list of priorities. Whether it’s schedule consistency, where you make sure to take your dogs on walks at the same time you used to, or making sure you get the appropriate amount of “cuddle time” with your cat, consistency is key. Right after a move is no time to run out and buy a plethora of new dog or cat toys, like that panda that squeaks when you squeeze it’s belly. No, you want to make sure you bring the favorites with you. Whether it’s a crate, or a bed, or an old panda that squeaks when you squeeze it’s belly that you previously bought before I wrote the former sentence, make sure that those items come with you and don’t get thrown out.

Patience and love are also essential when moving with a pet. Pets need just as much time as you, if not more, to get used to their new home. Eventually they will warm up to their new environment. Also, just give your pet a little added attention. Maybe play ball with him/her a little longer, or rub their belly a little more. As long as they feel loved they’ll stop feeling anxious from the move. Click here to read the whole AARP article.

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