President Gee Retires

President Gee RetiresAs many readers may have heard, this month marks the last month for Ohio State President, E. Gordon Gee. Announcing his retirement early this week, Gordon Gee was president of Ohio State from 1990 – 1998, when he left to become the President of Brown University, and then Vanderbilt. While at Vanderbilt he restored the waning academic prestige back to it’s former, high standard. Gee then returned to Ohio State 2007. Gee was once named Time Magazine’s best college president, and the majority of the student body will miss seeing him around campus. He made his presence felt on both macro and micro level. During his tenure, Gee oversaw the building of the new Student Union, renovations to the RPAC, as well as the library. Gordon Gee was extremely fond of the student life and would never hesitate to take a picture with an enthusiastic student. While I didn’t attend Ohio State, I remember meeting Gee at the Ohio State Fair, in the butter sculpture exhibit no less. He seemed delighted not only to take a picture with myself and a few others, but he also seemed genuinely interested about my time spent at Miami University.

Gordon Gee Takes Picture With a Recent GraduateGordon Gee was extremely involved in fundraising for the university, with a plan to raise $2.5 billion dollars for the university, in addition to the millions he has already brought into the university. Gee, along with Mayor Coleman, hoped to pass a levy to spend $50 million in public and private funds to improve the Columbus School district. Another of Gee’s principle ventures was to help oversee the revitalization of near-east-side area North of Broad St. I am sure my peers who graduated from Ohio State while under President Gee, are grateful for the huge rise in academic standards over the past years. President Gee helped Ohio State gain recognition as a first rate university, adding to the value of graduates, and those who will graduate soon.

As President Gee begins his retirement, we are interested to see Ohio State turn over a new leaf of it’s own in the months to come.

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