DK Diner

DK DinerDK Diner is a fantastic restaurant on 3rd avenue in Grandview, just west of downtown Columbus. Typically known as a breakfast joint, DK Diner is absolutely awesome if you are looking for a place to eat your first meal of the day. When you first walk up, you’ll immediately notice how DK Diner looks like a typical dive bar. No alcohol served here though! DK Diner plays host to all sorts of food. They have patio seating and it’s an extraordinary, family friendly atmosphere. It’s almost always packed on weekends, with families and friends getting together to share a meal.


DK Diner 2Their breakfast menu includes typical items like 2 eggs, toast, with choice of meat. However, there are some other great signature items. I personally love their DK Skillet, which is a choice of meat mixed with potatoes and cheese, then slathered in gravy and served on top of an open face omelet. My goodness it is delicious! Their most famous “DK Dinerish” item is their Donut Sandwich. Donut Sandwich!? That’s right, it’s a glazed donut cut in half and served with two eggs with cheese, and your choice of meat, and as DK Diner advertises, “Soon to be world famous.” For those later risers, fear not! The DK Diner has a slew of lunch and dinner items as well, including Coney Dogs, DK’s Patty Melt, and the Donut Burger. Another donut item!? That is correct! The donut burger is like the Donut Sandwich, but with 1/3 pound burger with cheese and bacon, served on a grilled glazed donut.

DK Diner's Donut SandwichThe DK Diner is an awesome place to check out, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the items that we’ve had on their menu. They are increasing their hours and also adding even more items for your menu. We highly recommend checking out this “dive in diner,” and trying the Donut Sandwich.


For more info about great breakfast joints around Columbus check out one of our favorite blogs, BREAKFAST WITH NICK.

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