Columbus Vacationers

Columbus VacationersWhen most people think of vacation spots, names like the Gulf Coast, Florida Keys, and Hawaii quickly come to mind, however what if we told you there is a market for Columbus vactioners? Crazy! We know! However, in a recent Columbus Dispatch article, Jim Welker explores a growing market of vacation home rentals right here in Columbus. Welker says that numerous people come to Columbus to visit family, go to sporting events, or even just to experience the 4th of July in Columbus. Welker writes

“Now, more than 15 central Ohio homes are scattered among sites such as,,, and They range from a two-bedroom apartment in New Albany renting for $135 a night to a six-bedroom home with a pool near Plain City renting for up to $3,400 a week.” – The Columbus Dispatch

Welker explores how some people like to rent a freestanding home rather than a hotel HomeAway.combecause it provides amenities and privacy that a hotel simply cannot.

“’We look for vacation rentals instead of hotel rooms,” Atchley added. “It’s just more comfortable, and I like the amenities and the privacy better.’” – The Columbus Dispatch

Lisa Craig Morton has a home in Victorian Village that has been rented out numerous times by vacationers looking to explore the short north nightlife, Blue Jackets Games, and Columbus restaurants.

Welker writes that last year Morton rented her home for 140 nights at a $199 rate. That’s $27,860 gross income last year on her home rentals!

It’s not all easy however; Welker says that,

“Stahl, Morton and Wallace all turn a profit in part because they manage their vacation rental homes. They advertise them, book them, clean them, maintain them and deal with any issues.” – The Columbus Dispatch

Click HERE to read the whole article.

The McVey Team has great referrals to property managers in the Columbus area if this is something our readers might be interested in.

Columbus may not be that Florida vacation home on the beach that screams “spring break! Woohoo!” but there is still a large market for renters Columbus vacationers.

Find the value of your home!

Find YOUR new home in Columbus!


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