Going to The Columbus Zoo

Going To The Columbus ZooWe’re going to The Columbus Zoo! Does anyone else love the gorgeous weather we’ve been having? We sure do! One of the best ways to spend one of these beautiful days is to head up riverside drive and go to the Columbus Zoo. Voted #1 zoo in America by www.10best.com, The Columbus Zoo sits on 100 acres along the banks of the Scioto River and houses more than 100 different species of animals including polar bears, penguins and rhinoceroses. Your read that correctly, The Columbus Zoo beat out the San Diego Zoo for the best zoo in America!
Columbus Zoo MapOpening in 1927, The Columbus Zoo has gone through major changes to become the #1 zoo in America. Jungle Jack Hanna, who is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, helped the zoo go through major renovations between 1978 – 1993. Even now the zoo continues to grow, with the development of the North America exhibit, which houses grizzly bears, timber wolves, and the popular polar bear exhibit. The North America region of the zoo is just one of five regions, which include: Australia and the Islands, Asia Quest, Shores, and Expedition Congo (home to the lowland Gorillas). The Columbus Zoo has experiences “just for kids,” which range from play areas, to face paint, and sometimes even petting animals. If you would like a guide to take you through the Columbus Zoo, they also offer tours with their incredibly knowledgeable staff. Sting Ray Bay, is the newest attraction at the zoo, where attendees can reach in the 18,000 gallon saltwater pool to touch all different types of rays.

If it’s 96 degrees and you feel like you just can’t walk around looking at animals anymore, bring your swimsuits and walk over to Zoombezi Bay for some water park fun. And for the golfers out there, drop the rest of the family off and head on over to Safari Golf Club. You can enjoy 18 holes, while the family is right across the street enjoying the wild animals.

The Columbus Zoo really is an absolutely fantastic summer attraction. You know the McVey Team loves family-friendly environments and the Columbus Zoo is no exception. They have an absolutely fantastic staff, who loves to educate children on all of the exotic animals. If you live in Columbus, we highly recommend going to the Columbus Zoo and participating in all of the exciting activities, looking at all of the wild animals, and just having a great summer day!

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