Natural Foods Grocery Store on Lane Avenue

Natural Foods Grocery StoreAs some of you may know, the brand new, natural foods grocery store, Whole Foods Market has just opened up on Lave Avenue, right across from our Keller Williams Office. The Whole Foods Market is more an experience than it is a grocery store. The Whole Foods on Lane Avenue offers a bar, as well as a small deli section to make your meal fresh in store.

“We’re seriously serious about quality around here. We carry natural and organic products because we believe that food in its purest state — unadulterated by artificial flavors, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives — is the best tasting and most nutritious food available.”

Taken directly from their website, Whole Foods believes the best food is unaltered food, and it is reflected in the items of their store. All of their produce is naturally grown, and looks like tiny farmers market. Their seafood section is filled with all different kinds of fish and they even have Oysters to pick from, reminding friends of a Seattle fish market.  Whole Foods Market on Lane also offers a wine tasting on Friday’s at 5 pm. The Whole Foods Market wine tasting is $5 for 5 tastings plus a glass. Wine tasting gives a tour of their whole store, while stopping at stations for a pour, and some delicious food. Unlike Market District’s also popular wine tasting, Whole Foods Market is less crowded and lets social groups mingle and go at their own pace.

The last thing we love about Whole Foods Market is the people. Ranked in FORTUNE’S, “100 Best Places To Work,” the Whole Foods employees are top notch. They are always incredibly kind, willing to help and cater to your needs. In fact, in a recent visit, we were able to taste test a fresh, in-store made guacamole. The employee and guacamole maker, Steve, asked if we would like for him to make us some personalized guacamole right there in store. We obviously obliged, and it was delicious. We absolutely love this natural foods grocery store on Lane Avenue.


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