Capital City Half Marathon

Capital City Half MarathonThis Saturday the Capital City Half Marathon took place in downtown, Columbus. This year, runners for the half marathon, quarter marathon, and commit-to-be fit 5k, turned in upwards of 14,000 runners and walkers (some even pushing strollers with some young runners). The route for the Capital City Half Marathon took the runners from the heart of downtown Columbus, up north along the Olentangy until Lane Avenue, then back down High Street, dipping into German Village and finishing near the corner of Rich and High Street.

Capital City Half Marathon RouteThe race was quite the event and drew a huge crowd, even though the weather was a bit chilly in the morning. The race was not just for those running, but also for those who joined in cheering on their friends and family, or just some random runner wearing a balloon hat, because hey, that’s pretty cool. After the event there was a celebration of sorts in the Columbus Commons, where a live band was set up and played all kinds of cover music. For those who chose to finish off their race with an adult beverage, there were tents set up with beer, Champaign, and other assortments of cocktails. There was a merry-go-round for the kids. We even witnessed a marriage proposal on the grass of the commons after the race. She said yes!

One of the most obvious displays during the half marathon was how the recent, tragic events in Boston have taken effect, especially in the running community. There was a powerful, yet not overbearing police presence. Trashcans along the race route had been covered up with plastic wrap, and you could tell that the city’s number one priority was keeping everyone safe throughout the race. There was a plethora of runners sporting Boston gear, and even whole teams who were running for all those still hurting in Boston. It was incredibly inspiring, and shows how the people of Columbus are filled with grace and compassion. The race was a great event for friends and family alike, and we encourage those who would like to, to sign up for the Columbus Marathon coming this October. If you didn’t check out the Capital City Half Marathon this year, it is an absolute must-do when it rolls around next year.

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