The Columbus Clippers

Columbus ClippersWith spring in full swing comes warm weather, barbecues and of course, baseball. Being located in Columbus means we can go down to Cincinnati to enjoy a Red’s game, go see the Indians play up in Cleveland, or go downtown and see our very own Columbus Clippers take on other minor league challengers. The Clippers, formed in 1977, were a minor league farm team for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Playing their games at the old Cooper Stadium, the Clippers have been the minor league team for the Yankees, the Nationals and presently, the Indians. In 2008, the Clippers moved from Cooper Stadium to Huntington Park, named best baseball park by The family friendly atmosphere is outstanding at Huntington Park, playing host to fun kid’s games, and picture taking opportunities with Lucille the Seal. Huntington Park also has some fantastic food options including City Barbecue, Rooster’s Wings, and of course peanuts and crackerjacks. There is also the famous Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish race, where employees dressed in hotdog outfits race from right field to home base (mustard always loses!). One of the coolest things about watching the Clippers play is the opportunity to see players move on to the Majors. See if you can guess which of the following is a Clipper alumnus:

  1. Barry Bonz
  2. Derek Jeter
  3. Albert Pujols
  4. Randy Johnson

If you guessed Derek Jeter, you were correct! Recently, Matt LaPorta and Carlos Santana (not the singer) have come through the ranks of the Clippers. While LaPorta has since been traded, you can still watch Carlos Santana knock ‘em out of the park for the Tribe up in Cleveland. With the weather holding steady, we encourage all who can to trek down to the heart of the Arena District to support our local baseball team. Springtime means putting away those winter coats, slipping on some sandals, and spending quality time with family and friends watching the Columbus Clippers down at Huntington park.

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