Sunday Special

Every Sunday The Columbus Dispatch prints the “At Home” section, included in the Sunday paper. This week Jim Welker interviewed Marianne Cusato, a 38-year-old Huffington Post blogger and home designer. The interview included topics about what homebuyers should consider when buying a new home, as well as Marianne’s thoughts about new home construction, in particular, modular vs manufactured homes. Marianne also discussed her new book “The Just Right Home.” Below is one of the highlights:

Q: In the book, you discuss the difference between proximity and location. What is the distinction and why does it matter?

A: Location is place, but proximity is where that place is in relation to things you do daily, where your kids go to school, where you shop for groceries, go to church, things you do every day of your life.

If you have to get into the car to do anything, . . . if you have to do that all the time, it erodes the quality of your life. –

Click here to read the full interview, and you can pick up Marianne’s book here.

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